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                                        Arts, Commerce & Science College, Gadag


Gadag is an ancient cultural, social, political and economic province in the western part of the northern Karnataka. It is primarily an agrarian background area which is economically backward in North Karnataka. This is the birth place of the first co-operative movement in Asian continent. This is the place which nourished poets, singers, Artisans, Artists, Sculptures, Musicians and Literary giants. It is the land where Kumarvyasa wrote his epic Karnataka Bharatha Kathamanzari. The Karmabhoomi of Pandith Panchakshari Gavai and Dr. Pandith Puttaraj Gavai has also produced the world fame classical singer Bharatha Ratna Pandith Bhimashen Joshi. It has also produced many national and international Hockey and Cricket players.

Around this background Kanakadasa Shikshana Samiti established our college (in the year 1984) with a vision to provide a platform to impart quality education and pave way for the sustainable development to the rural and and backward students community in the year 1984.


The Kanakadas Shikshana Samiti is a pioneer Institution which beares the name a great saint and Universal Philosopher and renowned poet Kanakadasa. This is the brain child of our beloved President Prof. B.F. Dandin who was a popular professor in Statistics and a great educationist. He sacrified his whole life for the betterment of this institution since its inception.

With the view of providing good food and shelter to the poor students in those days, he started “Kanakadas Prasad Nilaya” in Gadag in the year 1965. The life of many poor students was shaped in this hostel. He started a high school in 1968 when several student were deperived of admission. It was since then he established High Schools in rural places like Timmapur, Tuppadakurahatti, Mulagund, Naregal, Gajendragada, Holealur and Lakkundi. To cater the need of rural areas. The Samiti is established with holistic view of impart education to the rural students especially backward classes, downtrodden and the neglected section of the society. The vision of the society is very clear that the rural talent must be promoted on par with urbane students to bring equality among them for strengthening national unity and solidarity and develop in scu stainable way.

The Samiti runs 46 educational institutions imparting education from KG to PG in different places of Northern Karnataka, that includes Primary Schools, High Schools, Pre-university   colleges, D.Ed colleges, Multi-faculty degree colleges, B.Ed colleges, MA, M.Ed and MA in Distance education.



NAAC Re-accredited by “A” Grade with 3.34 CGPA

It is established in August 1984 and duly recognized by Government of Karnataka. The college is affiliated to Karnatak University, Dharwad and included in 2F and 12B under UGC. Re-Accredited with CGPA of 3.34 on four point scale at “A” Grade on 30th November 2011.

The College located in semi-urban area is a premier institution in North Karnataka imparting education for more than 1200 students in different faculties with major feedback from rural areas who hail from diverse section of society. The college after accreditation and re-accreditation by the NAAC, it has reached excellences in Teaching, Learning, Evaluation, Research and Extension services and students support and progression. The excellent result and esteemed performance of students who received Gold Medal and Secured Ranks to the University, the research degree award for several faculty members and outreach programme served by NSS units and services offered by several faculty members in different extension programmes reveals the potent strength of the college over the years.

The college, since its inception, has been making a study progress by imparting Bachelor Degree and Master Degree programs under the able administration of the following principals.

1 Prof.B.F.Dandin 1984-1986
2 Prof.S.F.Jakabal 1986-1990
3 Prof.V.Y.Makkannavara 1990-1999
4 Dr.S.F.Jakabal 1999-2008
5 Prof.M.C.Vagge 2008-2012
6 Prof. M.N.Kamanahalli From Jan 2012


Our Beloved Principal
Prof. M. N. Kamanahalli [M.A, M.Phil]